> if the failure occurred at busy hours, even a two minutes service 
> interruption will receive more than 10 complaints from customers.  
> As I mentioned before, very demanding.  :~(

If the customers are that demanding, you really need two or more servers
so you can tolerate downtime.  My client has three servers. 

> the wsock32.dll stuff has not been updated since 2003 (the app is 
> being run on Win2k sp4)?

My client is still using W2KS as well, with updates turned off since
there is no public access to or from the servers, only VPN via a firewall.
Since you are having problems, I'd really say an update to Windows 2003
is something to seriously consider.  

I tried to do a windows update on my own W2KS box last month, and got a
blue screen dump instead, which repeats unless the update service is
disabled.  It's simply reached the end of it's useful life. 
> If the enum is indeed the winsock's state, then 
> either I can get what I expect, or the winsock says it is listening 
> but actually it is not, then it is a winsock problem that I have 
> nothing to do with.

Don't know if the reported state is accurate or not, but generally if
Windows becomes unhappy it may not respond as you expect.  I find windows
connections simply timeout, for no reason, but it could be VPN or
firewall problems. 

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