Do you have a shell application to be used as an example?

This looks really useful, but I have no idea on checking task lists and 
termination other apps.


Francois Piette wrote:
>> I think of adding several lines of code to monitor the listening status of
>> the TWSocket, in case it was not the code kicks start it to listen again.
>> This can help me to identify whether the problem is from the main thread.
>> Can anybody kindly advise how to implement this mechanism?
> I have this "guard" mechanism implemented in several of my application. It
> is also implemented in many other application. Basically you write a second
> independent application which monitor the main application. Exactly what
> monitoring means depends on the application. In your case, you would simply
> connect to the main application and the disconnect. If the guard detect a
> problem, it restart the main application. The guard may also kill the main
> application when it doesn't respond anymore. And of course it also has to
> check for the main application existence in the task list.
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