Dear friends,

I have developed a complete and very improved e-mail protocol, highly immune 
to the SPAM, with data encryption and compression, with sender ID 
validation, etc. BUT not compatible with the standard email (SMTP).

Let me introduce you to High Density Mail Protocol (HDMP):

This very improved e-mail protocol takes advantage of the technology 
available in the 21' century and offers benefits far superior in contrast 
with the actual system based on technology and security standards now 
"obsolete" (SMTP was created in 1982).

Some features:

- Data compression (transfers up to 10 times faster than the actual e-mail 
- Data encryption (protects the content using encryption methods, like AES, 
3DES, etc).
- Minimum "handshaking", only 4 steps are needed to send or receive an 
- Immune to the SPAM (for more info visit our website).
- Persistent Digital Signature (PDS)(FREE). Can be used to identify an user 
and automatically decrypt protected e-mails.
- Full binary protocol (in contrast with the text based protocol used by 
- Multiple-Body capability. Automatic e-mail checking and notification. Etc.

You can know all about the protocol features by going here:

Create your account (free) and download the e-mail client by going here:

Used ICS components:

HiDens Mail Server: WSocketServer
HiDens Mail Client: WSocketClient and HttpClient
HiDens User Account Manager: HttpServer
Protocol development time and testings: 2 years.
Final applications development time: 8 months.

I think this is an interesting alternative for many peoples (like me) and 
companies now very tired about the high volume of spam and poor security 
levels found using the standard e-mail...

thanks for your time,

David Jorge Aguirre Grazio

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