Hi, That’s it guys, it was the Agent, I change it to Mozilla/5.0 (compatible), 
and now it running again. But why, is it Reuters that just got an idea, to not 
let Mozilla/3.0 (compatible) go though anymore? It is not the first time 
Reuters just change the feed, so am not surprise. What is the point of the 
Agent, could you maybe explain the function, could I type anything here like 
“Hallo”, thanks in advance.
 Thanks all Steen 
    It looks like HttpTst User-Agent header is triggeringthe firewall on the 
web server. Use another User-Agent string,it will go through.> Hey, > I got a 
strange problem, I am downloading (XML) news from> different website, and it 
all was working for a long time. But now> it won't download anymore from 
reouters> (http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/worldNews).> First I thought it was 
a bug in my program, but then I test the> ICS own example program 'HttpTst 
(BCB6)' and same problem there. It> starting the download, but never get any 
data, only the head, then> the timeout break the connection. It works fine in 
firefox or> explorer, even a program call XMLSpy download it all. Anyone has 
an> idea, I don't want to replace ICS with another tools, so I was> hopping 
there is a solution. > BCB6/XP/ICSV5 > Thanks > Satto 
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