> What can I say. Great. But don't you think we just can't say to our 
> users "sorry, works fine..."? You have now detailed Logs from YOUR 
> own application and don't want at least to try to reproduce this? 

Reproduce is the operative word.  I can not, and this is not something
that I recall being reported over the past 10 years that this FTP code
has been widely used.  

I have this FTP code (the latest V6, server and client) running on
hundreds of clients on about 20 different LANs, using wireless as it
happens but still high speed, and I don't see these errors.  The only
time I get data errors is when using FTP through firewalls, specifically
using non-standard ports (2100) with which the firewall is unaware. 

Why are you passive mode?  That is normally only needed with firewalls.  

As Arno has said, poor firewall software regularly causes problems with
FTP data connections, and can usually only be fully disabled by
re-installing windows... 


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