Hello Allan,

There  is  no way to easily detect a broken cnx between a client and a
server if there is no transfert.

Only  the  sender of data can detect the broken cnx and tell about it,
but  the  receiver  of the data will simply wait, there is no reliable
"broken  link"  msg send to him, it's up to you to manage some timeout
or broken cnx scheme.

I  think  the only way if for the server to send some "NOOP" data back
to  client  every xxx seconds. This is what some FTP Clients (I saw it
with FIleZilla) do on their side to detect if link is still alive with
Server  and  also  for  not  bieng  disconnect  by  server  because if
inactivity / idle time.


AF> I am using Delphi 5 with ICS 1.42. My application runs
AF> within a LAN. If a machine (say M1) with a TFtpServer
AF> component is receiving a file from a TFtpClient (say
AF> machine M2) and the LAN wire is pulled out then the
AF> TFtpServer never resets the connection. I am able to
AF> send a file from a third machine (say machine M3) but
AF> not from M2, even though I reset the application on
AF> M2. error = 'connection aborted cannot STOR'. 
AF> Ironically if application on M2 was terminated in
AF> between the transfer then M1 receives '426 connection
AF> closed'
AF> I want to know how can I refresh the FTPServer's one
AF> client connection.

AF> Regards
AF> Allan

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