> - I saw that there is content-coding (Z-lib) in HttpCli, is it 
> working? In the source of httpsrv it says it is not working. Is 
> there much work needed for it to work? Would I gain much 
> performance with this feature enabled on the server?

Compressing downloads increases the CPU load on the server, but reduces
the size of the downloads if they compress well, like 100K web pages, but
rarely binary files.  

If the web site is static pages, you can pre-compress the pages so the
overhead is a one-off and then all the clients see the same compressed
file instead of them all compressing it themselves.  

Sorry, not looked the HTTP server for a long time, but ZLIB is in the FTP
server and should not be hard to migrate.  I used Arno's threads so the
server does not get blocked while compressing a file. 

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