I'll reply to both your mails in a single one:

> One possible explanation were that anytime OnDataAvailable returns,
> just a few _new_ bytes are available in winsock buffer. Could be 
> possible due to the background thread winsock creates internally
> with non-blocking sockets, though I'm not aware of how winsock works
> under the hood.
When in this situation, we got a few hundred calls a second, for an 
unlimited time, where normally it's one every few seconds.
I agree with you, it could be a possible cause, but very unlikely.

Arno Garrels wrote:
> Merijn Bosma wrote:
>> again, I'm still coming to the same conclusion: either bug in
>> ReceiveStr(), bug in handling of wsoNoReceiveLoop, 
> Again I don't agree because as you described it works as
> documented. Quoted from the unit comment section:
> "Added ComponentOptions property with currently only one options
> wsoNoReceiveLoop which disable a receive loop in AsyncReceive.
> This loop breaking was suggested by Davie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> to lower resource usage with really fast LAN and large transfers.
> By default, this option is disabled so there is no change needed
> in current code."
Ok, but can the behavior be explained concerning what's said above?


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