Thanks Angus and DZ-Jay also!

Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> I'm a little bit at a loss at the moment. I have the following log 
>> when trying to open a connection to an SMTP server:
>> <-220 - Server ESMTP (Sun Java System Messaging 
>> Server 6.2-6.01 (built Apr 3 2006))
>> ->SMTP session connected, error #0
>> ->EHLO GPS_Plus
>> <
>> <-250-8BITMIME
>> <-250-DSN
>> <-250-HELP
>> <-250-XLOOP 887A9C2E9DC36F355DA1AF23F4FAA02
>> <-250-ETRN
>> <-250-N0-SOLICITING
>> <-250 SIZE 0
>> <-533 5.7.1 AUTH command is not enabled.
>> --FAILED to login. Killing connection.
>> (this is what I print as a message)
>> --500 Authentication Type could not be determined.
>> (this is the error message of TSmtpCli)
> You have the component set-up to authenticate to the SMTP server, when
> it's impossible.  If it was supported, there would be response similar to
> the following: 
> You need to set AuthType := smtpAuthAutoSelect (or smtpAuthNone).

Depending on if the user supplies a password or not I set it to one of 
these values. It was on smtpAuthAutoSelect, which seems to trigger the 
"->AUTH CRAM-MD5" request. So is this a bug of TSmtpCli? Should it send 
an AUTH request, if the command is not on the list? What is the default 
in this case?


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