DZ-Jay wrote:
> Arno Garrels wrote:
>> I think it should since sometimes mail server do not publish all
>> available extensions in the EHLO response. So even if there's no
>> AUTH found in the list TSmtpCli stupidly does a trial and error.
>> This procedure has been suggested by Jake Traynham.
>> It doesn't hurt anyway since the server MUST accept that.
> But one thing to consider is that some servers close abruptly the
> connection after non-supported request for authentication is received,

If so, that would violate the RFCs anyway.

> so it may be better to do this at the application level like Arno
> said. 

Huch, I am Arno? I said that an attempt to send the mail even though 
authentication failed were an easy task from user code. 
Also after the EHLO-response has been received property 
AuthTypesSupported holds a list of auth-types supported by the *server.
If that list were empty you could skip the call to method Auth. The 
high-level methods may be less flexible though. However I won't do that,
because if the user provides a password he wants to authenticate and thus
should see an error if authentication failed.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]


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