Well? as I know to support Unicode with W9x user must install  Microsoft Layer 
for Unicode.
Information "version of MultiByteToWideChar is included in these operating 
systems" is new for me.

Best regards,
Anatoly Podgoretsky

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> Anatoly Podgoretsky wrote:
>> About support old OS I'm not sure, you must decide itself, realy such
>> computers no such more. 
> I just read about MultiByteToWideChar() here
> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms776413(VS.85).aspx
> "Windows 95/98/Me: A version of MultiByteToWideChar is included in these 
> operating systems, but a more extensive version of the function is 
> supported by the Microsoft Layer for Unicode."
> What the hell does that mean? Perhaps MultiByteToWideChar() alone were
> sufficient, though the old OS _may require the Microsoft Layer for 
> Unicode? I got ConvertINetMultiByteToUnicode() from the mlang.dll running
> which also works in XP. But do we really need this overhead?
>> Also again about default parameters - what minimal Delphi Version ICS
>> must support, defaults not supported with early versions of Delphi,
>> but ICS support it's, except last ICS
> OK
>> Another aspect - for example I prefer use such functions not from
>> library but coded itself in own code. It's my preferation, that not
>> depend from internal realisation of any libraries.  
> In this case it is required to handle NTLM authentication.
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