> I am using an THttpCli and collecting  jpegs from a video camera.
> I have found that sometimes the GetAsync fails because the complete 
> document
> is not sent and it always fails with the same byte count.
> I am tracking the bytes received from the DocData event.
> If the image is not received in X seconds I log all the information I can
> think to but I am still not able to find the cause of the problem. 
> Changing
> the timeout does not change the failure.
> I am not getting any exceptions. I have set up to catch BGExecption and it
> never fires.
> The content length various but the failure always is with the same number 
> of
> bytes received.
> The text that follows shows successes and failures. The line
> "Watchdog***************************************" is the failure. The
> "RequestDone Error = 3. Status = 404" that follows is my call to Abort.

I see that each time your watchdog trigger, you have received exactly 37960 
bytes. Strange.
To know if the issue is in your program (You code or ICS code), or at the 
camera, you should use a network sniffer to capture data sent by the camera 
on the network and check if the number of bytes sent is exactly what is 
specified in the header.

If the issue is in your program, then test with HttpTst sample program 
delivered with ICS. Modify it the less possible. This would confirm that the 
bug is in the component (not likely) or in you own code.

One common cause of have data corrupted, ducplicated or incomplete, is to 
call the message pump from one of the events of the ICS component. You can't 
do that. So check if it is not the case in your application. The message 
pump can be called directly (Application.ProcessMessages, GetMessage, and 
the likes) or indirectly by displaying a modal form (including MessageBox).

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