Arno Garrels wrote:
> SSH (Secure Shell) is available on nix platforms.

Well, it is typically used on Unix-like platforms but there is
software available for Windows most notably the popular Putty and WinSCP

> Due to the lack of SSL SSH has been used in the past to tunnel 
> unsecure FTP on those platforms. Today however most FTP server even
> in the Unix wourld do support SSL as well.

Hmm, do you talk about SFTP? AFAIK SFTP is not just FTP tunneled over 
SSH but an own protocol (see [1]). If you talk about tunneling using SSH 
in general then I would say that this feature is still popular today as 
it does not need a full-fledged public-key infrastructure (see [2]) and 
is very easy to setup.

The fact that SSL support is implemented in FTP servers by now might be 
more related to the fact that SSH is considered too powerful to be 
enabled on a public server :-) (see [3]).

> IMO the effort to implement an antiquated protocol, that is specific 
> to the Unix platform, doesn't make much sense.

IMHO it would make sense to implement such a feature-rich multi-purpose 
protocol in ICS but of course this wouldn't be an easy task.



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