>> Are you using AnswerString(), AnswerPage() or similar ?


>> Are you building the response header lines yourself or is this handled by
>> the component ?

>Handled by the component


>> What I wanted to know was : when the issue occur, are all the clients and
>> all the requests affected ? Said in another way: does the server stop
>> servicing any client properly ?

>Yes the Server stop responding to others clients but the Windows'service
does not crash...

As I said in my previous message, the most common cause for this behaviour
is to have the thread blocked somewhere (for example in a length SQL
request, or on a file lock, a critical section or something similar) and do
not call the message pump anymore. Without message pump, there is not a
single event dispatched and handled, so nothing happend with socket I/O.

Just an example: if you write a wait loop like this:

GFlag := FALSE;
while not GFlag do begin

GFlag being a global variable that you set to TRUE from an event or another
In the above situation, socket I/O stop from working because the message
pump is not called.

Another possibility is that in your service, when it is hung, there is an
invisible message box blocking the system. Since it is a service, the GUI is
not shown and your program is stuck waiting for a never occuring button

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