> Are you using AnswerString(), AnswerPage() or similar ?AnswerString
> Are you building the response header lines yourself or is this handled by
> the component ?Handled by the component

> What I wanted to know was : when the issue occur, are all the clients and
> all the requests affected ? Said in another way: does the server stop
> servicing any client properly ?Yes the Server stop responding to others 
> clients but the Windows'service does not crash...

> If the server stop completely, I see two possibilities:
> 1) The server is stopped (the socket server listening for connections is
> closed). This may happend when you have a bug and unexpectedly close a bad
> [file or other] handle. If it happends that the wrong handle is the
> listening socket handle, no other connection will be accepted.
> (CloseHandle() applyed to a socket handle will close the socket).
> 2) The thread servicing the HTTP server is blocked and doesn't call the
> message pump anymore. So no event is triggered nor handled and nothing
> happend any more regarding socket I/O which - as you know - is event 
> driven.OK, you shall tell you that my answerstring is between a try...except 
> :    try        THttpConnection(Client).AnswerString(Flags, '', 'text/html; 
> charset=iso-8859-1', '', MyAnswer);    except       on E: Exception do       
> begin            WriteToLog(Format('AnswerString (%s) : %s' + #13#10 + 
> '[LISTIN] : %s', [E.ClassName, E.Message, ListIn.Text]));            // On 
> relance la connection car le sendstream a échoué            
> THttpConnection(Client).StartConnection;       end;    end;But no log files 
> on the disk T_T

Guillaume ROQUES
CANYON Technologies
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