Hello James,

ICS uses non-blocking sockets:

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

james osborne wrote:
> I'm trying to write my own nntp newsreader. what i want to do is
> create code for the buttonclick event to connect, authenticate and
> download a list of all newsgroups on my news server. I call the
> connect function then try to get the LastResponse from the nntp
> control then check for 200 if i find it then call authenticate()   
> the problem is LastResponse is empty. I tried
> Application->ProcessMessages() after the connect() function call but
> that doesn't help.  
> StatusBar1->SimpleText = "connecting";
> NntpCli1->Host = "news.giganews.com";
> NntpCli1->Connect();
> response = NntpCli1->LastResponse;     //response is empty here??
> if(response.Pos("200"))
>  {
>      NntpCli1->UserName = "gn382536";
>      NntpCli1->PassWord = "st10nump";
>      NntpCli1->Authenticate();
> }
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