info2004 wrote:
> Arno,
> So in execute is it Ok to:
> while not terminated do
>  begin
>  WSocket.MessagePump;
>  // check if I need to do something
>  sleep(100);
>  end;
> // close it all down
> Or am I missing the point in the use of the message pump?

This is evil, don't do that, but use WSocket.MessageLoop instead,
please read my previous message again.

Arno Garrels

> Regards,
> Andy
> Arno Garrels wrote:
>> info2004 wrote:
>>> In my thread (I know, you don't need threads...), in the execute
>>> procedure, should I call WSocket.ProcessMessages, or
>>> WSocket.MessagePump?
>> TWSocket.ProcessMessages processes pending messages once and returns.
>> You should call TWSocket.MessageLoop instead since it waits for
>> and processes messages in a loop. Sending message WM_QUIT breaks the
>> loop. Do not use TWSocket.ProcessMessages or TWSocket.MessagePump in
>> a loop, that would slow down performance and result in high CPU use.
>>> Are they the same? If not, what is the difference?
>> No, TWSocket.MessagePump is a method that either calls
>> Application.ProcessMessages or TWSocket.ProcessMessages depending
>> on define "NOFORMS" or your custom message pump if event
>> OnMessagePump 
>> is assigned.
>> BTW: All this stuff has been moved in ICS v6 to TIcsWndControl.
>> --
>> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
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