I have asked here before and got knowledgeable replies but in my
ignorance of the inner workings of SMTP etc.  I have thoroughly confused
The problem I have is in the quote at the foot of this email about an
SMTP server requiring a "secure connection"
I have read on the Overbyte website about ICS-SSL and thought that was
the answer, but now I look again as far as I can see, ICS-SSL seems to
relate to https stuff and servers whereas presumably I need smtps on an
smtp client,  which doesn't seem to be mentioned. 
I found code at http://wiki.overbyte.be/wiki/index.php/TSmtpCli.Auth
(see below)

Using open to handle all in one request 

The easiest way to use authentication is to use Open instead of Connect.
Open handles the Connect, EHLO and AUTH in one so that you don't need to
consider it. This is a typical call to open. 

 Smtp.Username := 'bob';

 Smtp.Password := 'test';

 Smtp.authtype := smtpAuthAutoSelect;


In your requestdone event you handle open and trigger the

So if I'm only working at the Client end, do I simply stick with the
standard TSmtpCli and handle the AuthType Property, using
smtpAuthAutoSelect if a secure connection is required and smtpAuthNone
Or have I got it all wrong?

======= the following comment came from our guy who does the user
support role in our company - "Xtra" is a major ISP in New Zealand =====

With the advent of the Xtra / Yahoo shambles we are having Xtra
customers no longer being able to send email statements or normal emails
from APM (our application). Changes are being made to Xtra users systems
over a period of time so we will be suffering from "creeping death".

The problem is that Xtra now want to use port 465 (just to be different
to the rest of the world I guess) and also use SSL.
We need to make these changes in the APM.

The following is an extract from their web site which probably is all
you need but if you want more go to 
http://xtra.co.nz/help?link=rdt and enter "port 25" (no quotes) into the
Search Xtra Help box then Ctrl+F and search for "Server Port Numbers"
(no quotes)

Website Extract
Server Port Numbers 
Under 'Outgoing mail (SMTP)', tick the box next to 'This server requires
a secure connection (SSL)'. Enter port number '465' in the 'Outgoing
mail (SMTP)' field 

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