Hi Guys !

It's probably a secret everybody already knows, but now I've been released
from the NDA I had signed. I can now talk about my experience of Delphi
2009, given the fact that I use the product for months ! However, please
note that I only used preliminary software and that things may change in the
final product.

Converting ICS & MidWare was to too much difficult. I was helped by two
other D2009 fieldtesters and I would like to thank them for their great help
(not sure I can give their name here, sorry). An announce will be done soon,
stay tuned ! It is likely you'll have ICS & MidWare ready when the product

The most difficult part for conversion was the introduction of unicode
strings. In D2009, the type String is now mapped to type UnicodeString, that
is has 16 bits characters. D2007 and earlier 8 bits strings are still there
as the already existing AnsiString datatype. Simply now String <>

Most conversion can be done by replacing all occurences of String by
AnsiString and Char by AnsiChar and PChar by PAnsiChar, and then recompile.

Ok, more is to be done if you need to avoid implicit conversion or explicit
(a cast or function call). Conversions between 16 and 8 bits characters,
back and forth is not without problems. You can't pack any 16 bit character
into 8 bit ! That's where code page and other stuff are comming. You also
have a performance impact.

When doing telecommunication, as it is done in ICS and MidWare, most of the
communication is done using 8 bit ascii (AnsiString). So internally most of
the component code can handle AnsiString and work as before. Of course some
components are handling content, for example SMTP handl email content so 16
bits chars do matter. The question remains open to have properties exposed
as String or AnsiString, or a mix of both.

OK, enough for now...
If you have questions, just express it and let's discuss about it.

Author of ICS (Internet Component Suite, freeware)
Author of MidWare (Multi-tier framework, freeware)

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