> Hi,
> I use the FTP Client Component in 2 of my applications :
> 1-Just a tool to manage the FTP connections
> 2-A window service which check, by FTP, if some defined files exists.

> In my Tool (1), I could test my connections and it work well (similar to the 
> FtpCLi example ;p)
> In my service (2), the connection doesn't work. I've got error like this :

> Request 1 Done.
> StatusCode = 500
> LastResponse was : "500 ESocketException: Not a WinSock error (#10107 in 
> Connect)"

> I don't know how to understand this error, as my connections with the 
> component work in my tool (1)....

OK, I found it ! It was my Firewall program..........

I added a rule for my Service application (2), but my firewall blocked 
connections from the ftpclient anyway. 
My solution, for the moment, was to disabled my firewall (hum....uninstall in 
fact, to be sure....) and then the FTPClient connect successfully !

Maybe it's when we create a service (TService) in delphi we've to work with 
Thread (TServiceThread) and these thread was not allowed by my firewall.....

I use TServiceThread.Synchronize for all event concerning TService (Start, 
Stop, Pause, Continue) but not for my own procedure (InitConnections) which 
launch my FTPClient in a state machine. 
Do I have to use ServiceThread.Synchronize in my procedure too ? It will be run 
under tne main process so I will (in theory) have no "security" problems....??? 

Guillaume ROQUES
CANYON Technologies
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