Francois Piette wrote:
> you add OverbyteIcsWndControl in front (well after other higher priority
> units such as FastMM4) of the dpr uses clause, the issue should go away.
> Please check and tell me what.
Yes, it works. But I don't really like having "useless" uses in the dpr, 
and this is not an obvious solution for most people. What I'm saying 
here is that the case I'm encountering could be quite frequent because 
it is an application of the class factory pattern.

> About your changes: It's sure that using FreeAndNil is a good idea. Checking
> Assigned(GWndHandlerPool) is also good but be aware that this would hide the
> exception and still may produce unexpected results since the lock is no more
> used. If you some reason a thread is still working and using the same code
> section, you'll be in trouble. Granted this is not common situation.
Well, it would be quite unlikely because it occurs in finalization 
sections. Yes, there could still be threads at that moment of the 
application, but I don't think it would be much stable to have them 
running anyway.
One advantage that I see to the proposed fix is that it allows smooth 
transition for most users, and for those in the case above, they should 
have enough knowledge to figure out the solution by themselves.

In the end, you're the one deciding here, but I think it would be nice 
if the transition to v6/v7 was as smooth as possible.

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