Piotr Dałek wrote:
> Hi!
> This drives me crazy. I can estabilish standard, unencrypted
> connection with any non-SSL server and successfully transfer data,
> and I can estabilish unencrypted connection, estabilish SSL/TLS
> session (via means similiar 
> to STARTTLS in POP3/SMTP), then communicate in both ways. But if I
> want 
> to estabilish direct SSL/TLS (not STARTTLS) connection, I succed only
> in handshaking and receiving first server's response after SSL
> handshake - ie. the first line (banner) after handshaking. Then I
> can't send anything. No matter what I use, data are sent to buffers,
> my_BIO_ctrl([..] BIO_CTRL_FLUSH [..]) returns success but data aren't
> really sent (checked with external sniffer), and I get no
> notification of data being sent out. SSL'ised versions of TPop3Cli
> and TSmtpCli don't work either. Any ideas what may be wrong? I'm
> struggling with this for two days now.

Have you tried the SslMailSnd demo yet? If not please try.
I just tested with gmail  succesfully. Is this ICS v6? 

Arno Garrels

> ICS V5.
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> Piotr Dałek
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