> In v5 there are two basic fixes still missing, also the TSslSmtpCli has
> been rewritten
> in v6 and the TSslPop3Cli is available in v6 and better only, same
> applies to the
> working demo applications. I strongly suggest to upgrade to ICSv6, it's
> very easy,
> all you need of course is D7 or better.

... which I don't have ;-)

> ICS-SSL v5 is unmaintained since more than
> one year. I currently do not believe that somebody will continue it.

That's sad.

> Anyway, here are the two basic fixes, however I guess the problem is
> somewhere
> else:

Yes, it was. ;-) After proofreading and comparing line-by-line my
wsocket.pas and one from most recent ICS V5, I noticed that buffering code
in my wsocket.pas was flawed, so I copied one from most recent ICSV5 and now
it works.

> 1)[ICS-SSL] Fix: SessionClosed may trigger twice
> [..]


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