> this is my client need, he want private FTPS server so only customer that
> have the client program can access his server, and block all public ftp
> client, the project is about remote updating  application using FTPS
> and client part is component that I will code to add to another
> so it get update from server, so it don't need the server send PK, the
> is that the client send the one coded inside to the server after the hello
> negotiation so the server valid only his trusted client and denied all
> public ftp client.

To complement/summarize Arno and Angus answers, I would implement your
requiredments either by:
1) Using a client certificate, which is already implemented in SSL.
2) Adding a simple custom command which would be mandatory for user to use.
Commercial FTPS client will not implement that command and would have
difficulties in executing it.

The passphrase associated with the certificate could be hardcoded in your
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