Francois PIETTE wrote:
>> THttpServer use a fixed class (TWSocketServer) for his server
>> socket. So you
>> can change the behaviour of that class. But to be able to do it, it
>> is enough to do it the same way as it is done with the class used
>> for client connection (ClientClass property). A simple change could
>> be done to add a property ServerClass so that the HTTP server
>> component instanciate that class when set to listening. That way you
>> can derive your own class from TWSocketServer, change the behavior
>> you need and plug it into the HTTP server component. Fairly easy to
>> do. 
>> Yes we need this functionality for both HTTP and especially FTP
>> Servers. I think it would be a good contribution to ICS
>> code-flexibility.
> Maybe you could implement it ?

I think the problem is that the FTP server component does not use 
TWSocketServer. In order to keep things simple the FTP server should
also be derived from TWSocketServer like the HTTP as well.
Angus already made an attempt to rewrite the FTP server, but it never
made it into the ICS package :(

Arno Garrels 

> Note that I have looked at the source code. See
> THttpServer.CreateSocket. You can plug the change there.
> CreateSocket is called from constructor and from Start method. At
> first glance, it could be dropped from constructor. Verify that
> CreateSocket is called wherever FWSocketServer is used or that
> Assigned(FWSocketServer) is checked.
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