> > I use a CONFIG suffix so the OS does not mess with my files.
> Angus, can you please elaborate on that?  I am not sure what you are
> referring to.  Sounds like a way to keep Vista from virtualizing 
> files?

I've really not looked into this stuff since Vista came out, but the main
issue is applications are mostly no longer administrator level and so can
not assume they can write to the program directory, assuming it's within
Program Files.  

Application developers should never really have been writing to their
program directory anyway, but some did, and Microsoft did not want old
applications to break. So Vista 'cunningly' wrote the such files to a
virtual location in Documents and Settings, or Users, or where ever
instead.  Real application developers simply wrote their files there in
the first place.   

I seem to recall the same can happen in the registry, with HLM keys,
which I used to use (with adjusted permissions).  So I decided nice
simple text files (not XML) were the answer, and called them .config, but
that was probably a red herring, sorry. 

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