> Nice, I had not yet time to look at your code, does this also 
> define a language specific ANSI code page? 

Not yet in SVN... 

RFC2640 says:  

The LANG command only affects presentation of greeting messages and
explanatory text associated with command responses. No attempt should
be made by the server to translate protocol elements (FTP commands
and numeric responses) or data transmitted over the data connection.

so in theory should not effect the CodePage.  

However FTP has always been very fluid with people adding their own
commands and interpreting existing commands in different ways, so it's
possible developers of FTP servers aimed at non-English countries 
are setting the CodePage from LANG.  But using UTF8 is much safer.

Mind one RFC refers to the OPTS UTF-8 command, another to OPTS UTF8, so
one does need to interpret these things broadly.  Also, all sensible FTP
servers (including Microsoft) have implemented OPTS UTF8 ON (and OFF)
which is not mentioned in any RFCs, anywhere, yet, developers just seem
to follow each other.  I do have a plan to improve FTP compatibility,
real soon. 

> I offer to translate to German anyway.

Kind offer, unfortunately dynamically changing the literals is going to
another project, not complicated, but tedious.  

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