Darin McGee wrote:
> Then how do you explain the exact same problem between two completely
> different environments (people and machines) and from someone that has
> used the packages for years?

The install procedure and the USE_SSL conditional define or their
description might be unclear, just a guess? 
Anyway, please do not claim bugs unless you are sure they are actually bugs. 
Be aware that whenever you post a bug to the list contributers might
spent their spare time to reproduce and fix it. Especially when you claim 
there were bugs you should provide a reproducable test case or at least a 
good description.
In current case I was not able to reproduce the problem. And I use
ICS-SSL since many years and never hit this problem as long as USE_SSL was
defined in the package options. A rebuild resolved most package-problems
for me in the past. One of my first suggestions in this thread was to 
define USE_SSL in the INC file as a workaround.

> I too found the USE_SSL defined in the compiler options therefore I
> assumed that USE_SSL was defined. However that is not the case if it
> has to be added to inc file.

It must not be defined there, however should work in _any case.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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