>I am just starting to use ICS and having problems with the demos.  My 
>problem is with the HttpGet
> demo program.  All works ok if the target Url domain is ok and the file 
> exists on the site, but if I make
> the filename invalid by adding a letter, I get an Exception thrown in 
> Delphi. Similar problem if I alter
> the domain by adding a letter, I get the Exception.
> I don't understand this, as I am running in a Try/Except block.  I also 
> have an OnRequestDone
> procedure coded, which I made to check for status code 404 (indicating 
> document not found).
> What simple error am I seeing please?

I cannot reproduce your problem: I tested with HttpGet sample program and 
exception is perfectly catched in GetButtonClick do display a correct error 

btw: There is an exception thrown in Delphi, but this is perfectly normal 
and - as I said - is handled by the demo.

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