They are available in the V7 ICS SVN repository only: 

New methods CalcMsgSize, CalcMsgSizeSync and
event OnMessageDataSent. CalcMsgSize precomposes the
message including encoding of all text parts to obtain
the correct size, Base64 attachment size however is just
calculated. The result of the method is written to new
public property MessageSize. Useful if you want to implement
a progress bar or make use of RFC-1870 SIZE extension (see
MailSnd demo). Note that the returned size is not guaranteed
to be 100% correct, it's pretty exact though!
Added new method MailFromSIZE which sends the expected
message size as the second argument with the MailFrom command.
New properties SizeSupported and MaxMessageSize tell you
whether a server supports the SIZE extension and whether a
maximum message size was present in the EHLO response.
SendToFile() no longer takes a ShareMode argument which
was useless, and TBufferedFileStream is now used which is
much faster than TFileStream.

Added a progress bar to the MailSnd demo.

Arno Garrels
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