When I have a very fast connection to an application server, I sometimes get 
a 10053 errorcode.
(software caused a connection abort)
Sofar, I was unable to trace it (it doesn't happen during trace)
Since all commands are at most 30 characters, bandwidth control wouldn't 
help at all to slow the speed..
I want to implement a 2 ms delay between each command on a very high 
connection speed.
To measure the speed, I will measure the time between start en end of the 
transfer (queryperformance timer)
If it's too high, I want a 2 ms delay, but none of the available delays 
(sleep(ex), WaitForSingleObject(ex) ot waitFoeMultibleObjects(ex) wotk 
reliable for such a small delay.
It's either 0 of 15/16 ms, the latter is most likely the time slice delay.
Has anyone ever found a proper solution for this ?



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