Hi Wilfried ,

> But if you use PostMessage to same thread context. and IN your custom
> message handler you do your next operation, then you have a very small
> delay without hanging up the message pump for this thread.

This is a delay of max a few microseconds and it is working this way 
Windows is very fast with messages: it can handle about 500.000/s on recent 

> If you want to block the program flow then you can also use a close
> loop. But no message will be processed in the same thread context during
> the loop and I don't think that was what you wanted.

This is what I want when the connection speed is too high.
The only problem is that a software loop increases to cpu load to 40 %.
It wouldn't be a problem if only a few messages are sent, but it is with a 
continuous stream of very short messages.

It would be great to have a non-cpu-extensive delay for very periods.
That way, a better bandwidth control could be implemented in ICS also.
The current one has been useles so far (for me) because the current timing 
period is at least 1000 times too high for me


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