Hello Mailinglist,

my project is now just working great, thanks very much for your
help... but there is just one question. Cause it only works fine
if I don't free TWSocket objects. If I Free them it often works
fine. But in much cases - for example - in the OnSessionClose
Handler (the memory of the handler is provided by an other Object
not beeing freed) then I get strange behaviors. Sometimes it gives
memory errors on "InternalClose" functions, sometimes the application
just freezes completely (strange cause all TWSocket is in an own
thread) and Delphi crashes the hard way...

If I do "Abort" on an TWSocket, then the following lines are not
running... It seems that it calls "exit" withing the function? So my
"Free" is never reached. In this case I have completly no idear
how to Free such a socket....

So my question is: How can I free a TWSocket object after the
connection has been closed, aborted or the handler reports that
the session has been closed.

Thanks for hints,
Much regards,
Markus Mueller

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