Found this snippet on the net, so why should I phrase it myself:

"Server Name Indication (SNI), as described in section 3.1 of the RFC3546, is a 
TLS extension which makes the configuration of SSL-enabled name-based virtual 
hosts possible. This extention eliminates the need for the assignment of one IP 
address per secure virtual host, therefore the cost for secure web hosting is 
greatly reduced, as all secure virtual hosts can share the same IP address and 
port combination. SNI is a huge step forward as it promotes security by making 
secure web services easier and cheaper to implement. The current version of 
OpenSSL - 0.98 at the time of writing - does not support SNI yet, but this is 
planned for the upcoming 0.99 release."

BTW: SNI is already in OpenSSL however not built with the default switches.
Maybe somebody wants to extent ICS-SSL to support SNI as well?

Arno Garrels
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