Peter Van Hove wrote:
>>> The Problem:
>>> On the receiving end (webpage) the the POST variable doesn't arrive
>>> intact. Only the first letter.  In this example case only "t"
>>> arrives (so "t = test" instead of "test = test"
>>> As suggested, the value arrives intact (in this case "test")
>> It's no bug. The component user is responsible to format
>> posted data properly.
>> Most likely you have to convert the Unicode string to Ansi or
>> UTF-8 first.
> Interesting !!!
> So POST and GET data, when sent to a host, are not unicode ?

They are not sent as UTF-16 Unicode, correct. 

> And so what I provide to the component when I do a GET, in unicode, is
> converted in the component to something else (UTF 8 ?) 

Yes, in V7 a GET request is converted to UTF-8 first the URL-encoded,
so the component user must not care about the encoding (see functions
UrlEncode/UrlDecode in OverbyteIcsUrl.pas), in V5 and V6 the AnsiString
with current system code page was URL-encoded as is.    

With POST requests however the send stream is sent as is and the 
component user is responsible to format and encode the stream content 
properly. Posted data may, for example, contain multple parts all with
a different Charset and Content-Transfer-Encoding part-header.  
Arno Garrels

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