Peter Van Hove wrote:
> Can somebody confirm, possibly fix if it's an issue ?

It's no bug. The component user is responsible to format
posted data properly.  

> The Problem:
> On the receiving end (webpage) the the POST variable doesn't arrive
> intact. Only the first letter.  In this example case only "t" arrives
> (so "t = test" instead of "test = test"
> As suggested, the value arrives intact (in this case "test")
> The essence I believe is the following
> {code}
> String PostData = "test=test" ;
> THttpCli *HttpCli;
> TMemoryStream *DataOut=NULL;
>  DataOut=new TMemoryStream;
>  DataOut->Write(&PostData[1], PostData.Length()*2);  // CB2009

Most likely you have to convert the Unicode string to Ansi or
UTF-8 first.

Arno Garrels
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