Peter Van Hove wrote:
>> Yes, that's a problem.
>> In OverbyteIcsLibrary.pas there are still four functions
>> problematic with Builder.
>> Please try to add the "$EXTERNALSYM" directive like:
>> ...
>> Rebuild the ICS packages, does that change anything?
> Where do I add this code then please ?
>> ...
>> I really wonder who declared another type "Byte"? I'm not aware of
>> such a declaration in the ICS sources.
> Can somebody look into this ?

BTW: May be interesting as well. Since 2007 BCC is much stricter
concerning overloads:
One of the areas where the C++Builder 2007 compiler differs the most from the 
previous versions is in overload resolution, which includes the detection of 
ambiguity. The compiler now better conforms to the rules in section 13.3 of the 
2003 C++ ANSI Standard. Several constructs that were previously allowed might 
now be reported as ambiguous or no match found, requiring that you modify code 
to clarify its intent.  
The compiler option -Vbo reverts to the old behavior, not enforcing the new 
stricter behavior. However, not all compiler changes can be controlled by this 
switch, so CodeGear recommends that you update the code instead.  
The following is an example of an ambiguity that was permitted by the previous 
class X{};
  void foo(X);
  void foo(const X&);
  void ambig() {
    X x;
    foo(x); //error-ambiguous-the previous compiler chose 'void foo(x)'

Let me know if adding the "EXTERNALSYM" directive works for you, then
I'll update the repository. 

Arno Garrels
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