after a little reseach and useage of that recommended trial version I
found out that the data really gets sent (OnDataSent also triggers).

It simply doesn't trigger OnDataAvailable on the server side without
known reason. There is a 2nd TCP connection which is quite similar
constructed and this one works.

The first one is for application level commands and the receiving of my
quit command fails in about 10-25% of all tries, but my other commands
work properly. The 2nd connection has data trafic after the
initialization of the application. So I'm really clueless and both of
those connections are created from the applications main thread and I
don't use anything which creates other threads (as far as I know of and
I developped this app.). So the VCL default message pump must be working
fine. Otherwise the app. would have big visible problems I thing, as I'm
also PostMessageing 2-3 custom messages.

Any further hints? I even wanted to put this particular TWSocket into a
thread today, but I'll have to think over it again as in the current
version I had to call synchronize but for a method with parameters!


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