Arno Garrels a écrit :
rpoulin wrote:
Arno Garrels a écrit :

At first you need latest ICS-V7, only ICS-V7 supports Delphi 2009.
Download and install the daily Snapshot here:

Look at the MailSnd demo, it includes authentification, there's no
difference implementing this feature in a console application
I have ICS-V7 installed. I like the small ConSmtp demo very much - i
really need the minimum, and with the help of MailSnd i will add auth.
However, i have this famous "Incompatible types: 'string' and
'AnsiString'" error for Delphi 2009 i can't resolve.

I just ported the code from,
it works nicely with just a few changes:
THANK YOU. It works +1.
I did'nt think of ansifying the StrPLCopy.parameters. .

Great help.

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