rpoulin wrote:
> THANK YOU. It works +1.
> I did'nt think of ansifying the StrPLCopy.parameters. .

In Delphi 2009 "string" is a UnicodeString, however most
internet protocols allow 7-bit ASCII chars in the range 
hex 00-7F only. SMTP also does not allow 8-bit chars by default.
So you must convert the UnicodeString to an AnsiString with the
correct codepage first. If the AnsiString includes characters in
the 8-bit range (hex 80-FF) the string must be also encoded with
a proper transfer-encoding, mostly quoted-printable or base64. 
If both server and client support the SMTP service extension 
8bit-MIMEtransport as specified in rfc1652 the mail body may
contain 8-bit characters, however TSmtpCli does not support this
extension currently.

Arno Garrels 

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