I have an application that opens an outgoing connection to an MJPEG streaming 
server (server push using MIME multi-part boundary method).  With my TWSocket 
code, I connect fine and then I get an arbitrary number of frames until the 
connection appears to stop receiving data, permanently.  The data available 
event never fires again until I close the connection and reconnect.  This 
happens pretty quick.  Sometimes it's a small number of frames (e.g. - 1 to 7). 
 Other times I get a nice chunk of about 30 to 50 frames, but always the data 
reception just dries up.

To make sure the server was not stopping transmission, I coded up a simple 
example using the included Delphi 6 TClientSocket component.  I set it to 
non-blocking mode which is how I use TWSocket too.  It did not exhibit the 
problem.  It kept receiving frames until I shut down the connection.

How can I diagnose and or fix the problem with my TWSocket code?  I would 
prefer to use that instead.

Note: I am using Delphi 6 Pro and ICS version 5.


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