Disadvantages - needs co-operative hosting company or dedicated server,
currently uses one (rare) public IP per site since virtual hosts not
really supported in THttpAppSrv, no SSL in THttpAppSrv yet

Hi Arno,

This is a great story of a complex project.

To prove the quality of ICS more, a short story how we use ics for webapplication development. It's different than your approach and it migh give people some alternatives to think about.

We have build a general applicationserver in Delphi with ICS. It manages the application. It's built as an isapi dll, runs on apache and uses ICS so communicate with a db-independent queryserver (build in Delphi with ICS) through the soap protocol. The html webpart is build with Intraweb. It's communicating though soap with the applicationserver. Soap clients are directly communicating to the application server.

soap client ----------->  isapi soap server  -------> queryserver

webapp ---------------> Intraweb isapi ----> isapi soap server ------> queryserver

We have several configurations running in health care and it works great.

Point of this is that it is very well possible to create applicationservers using the soap components from Delphi and attach them to ICS. In fact it was fairly simple.

The queryserver stores queries and db credentials and works like a 'stored-procedure' engine. It's not possible to access the db directly which, at least in healthcare, is a major security advantage.

It runs on dedicated servers as well as on virtual servers however it needs to be a windows one. Fortunately prices have been decreased a lot lately due to better virtualisation software.

This approach is not better than the previous, but different. Who has other stories? I'm very interested to the different approaches as we all like to learn from each other.

albert drent

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