Hi wayne,

> We have an application that is based on ThrdSrvV2_1,
> the example makes use of Two Threads, Client and Server;
> ThrdSrvV2_1 was part of the ICS for Delphi 7.
> We use the ThrdSrvV2_1 as a base, with ICS V7 and Delphi 2009.
> What we are experiencing is a thread Detach error, (Can not Detach
> from another Thread), this is when the Client Disconnects.
> This does not happen all the TIME, we can run up to 10 tests before
> the application will bomb with this error; 
> I am not sure what is causing this, but it "seems" that it depends on
> the sequence that threads are finishing;

It's likely caused by using property "Handle" in some call when no window
handle is allocated (yet), since the property getter allocates a new window
handle in such cases in the context of the _calling thread.
This behaviour has not changed in V7.

> I have notices that the ThrdSrvV2_1  is dated 2001; is there a NEW
> one ? 

Not yet.

> Is there any ICS V7 sample that uses two Threads ?

I don't think so. It's probably something to do.

Arno Garrels

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