> Francois Piette wrote:
> >> Regarding the hard coded boundary strings I suggest to
> >> make them (or parts) component properties.
> >
> > Would be a good idea to create a property XMailer with that string.
> > The default value would be the current value. Some trick should be
> > used so that the correct component version is used even if the
> > property is serialized because the component has been dropped on a
> > form. I think of a kind of placer holder such as "%VER%" within the
> > string.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "some trick".
> Do you mean a place holder as visible part of the default published
> string property, stored in dfm and replaced internally only when
> headers are built?

Yes, exactly. Sorry if "trick" was not the most appropriate word.
The property as seen in the object inspector would be something like "ICS
SMTP component version %VER%". If the user want to include the % sign, he
has to double it like in "My own component 100%% compatible with ICS version
Author of ICS (Internet Component Suite, freeware)
Author of MidWare (Multi-tier framework, freeware)

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