i used wireshark to monitor activity on the port i m listening on.Protocol
is TCP and the server was build with ICS TWSocketServer.

Monitoring packages arrived, I see that one of the packages (505 byte) is
divided into 3 packages.

What i want to ask; is this the way tcp protocol transfers data over
or package count is because of the method client uses to send data..?


Can we make a package transfered in a whole (in size limitations) or tcp
decides how to transfer data by itself?

Using PutDataInSendBuffer or PutStringInSendBuffer you can place data in the
send buffer without actualy trying to send it. This allows to place several
(probably small) data chunk before the component attempt to send it. This
prevent small packet to be sent. You can call Send(nil, 0) to force the
component to begin to send data. If the buffer was not empty,
PutDataInSendBuffer will just queue data to the buffer. This data will be
sent in sequence.

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