Can you help?
I have Delphi 2007 installed and had previously installed the ICS for 2007.
I am not sure what version as it was over a year ago and I had always
assumed if I needed to re-install I would get the latest from the website.
I recently had to reinstall Delphi 2007 after doing a complete re-install of
Windows XP.
I downloaded ICSV6 from the website and followed the installation
instructions.  i.e. Opened OverbyteIcsDel110Package.dproj in Delphi and
I get a compile error in OverbyteIcsHttpSvr     Undeclared ientifier
This is the line:
FWSocketServer.Name := ClassName + '_SrvSocket' +
I removed the underscore and it continued to compile and install.
However, when I add a TWSocket control to my application I get the error
Cannot resolve unit name  WSocket.
I have made sure there is an entry in the library path and also added it to
the Browse path:
i.e.  C:\Program Files\CodeGear\Overbyte\Delphi\Vc32
After un-installing ICSV6 I also downloaded the ICSV7 and attempted the
This compiled fine without the error and again installed all the design time
stuff but once again the compiler cannot resolve the unit name WSocket.
What am I doing wrong or what haven't I done.
I repeated 
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