Hello Peter,

Would be nice to know what ICS components you actually use.

Hi Arno,

Only THttpCli.

But I did a search in the files for "Invalid code page" and I couldn't find anything ... so I fear I'm barking up the wrong tree anyway.

But then ... if anybody has an idea, let me know.

Arno Garrels

Peter Van Hove wrote:
Hi guys,

I posted below quote in the "embarcadero.public.cppbuilder.ide"

My first reaction was that this is a Borland issue, but since I use
two components (ICS and DragDrop) I need to make sure that it's not
coming from something else.
This is on a user's system and I can't debug the situation to find out

So my question, is it possible that ICS causes the error "Invalid
code page" ?
Is it an error in one of the routines ?

If no then I simply keep looking further ...

I use ICS (a slightly older rev I'm sure as I haven't updated the
code in a while) on BCB 2009


This is a weird one.

My app, built with CB2009, starts with an error "Invalid code page"
on a user's system (XP system)

(This is a user reported problem, I do not get this error)

Is this a known problem and what to do about it ?

// ...

So I asked this person to run the same app built with BCB5 (I use the
same code base for both compilers (exceptions for main form etc.))
The BCB5 app runs fine.

I asked for his non-unicode codepage and he seems to use a tool for
that (SIW)
The feedback:

Codepage: 1255
Default OEM codepage: 862
Default EBCDIC code: 500

PS. an XP SP3 system (Hebrew settings)

So what part of the compiler creates this "Invalid code page" because
it is not coming from me.


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