Kochendoerfer, Michael wrote:
> Arno,
> I tried to use TMimeDecodeW, but it won't change its behaviour
> regarding the encoded subject. So I guess I've to decode it
> separately from the mail, as soon as I detect 'iso-8859-1' in the
> subject line.

Use property SubjectW instead of the old property Subject.
Use function DecodeMimeInlineValue(const Value : AnsiString): UnicodeString; 
to decode header lines or use the W-properties of TMimeDecodeW.
> I have to retrieve mails via POP3 (currently working!) and decode its
> textual part, which is then parsed and written to a file. I can see
> that some multipart messages have a text/plain part, but some others
> just have several multipart/alternative parts. So I firstly have to
> find which part to decode 

Decode all text parts. And if they have a different codepage (property
PartCodePage) than the default system ANSI codepage I suggest to convert
them to UTF-8

> and secondly to find how to write just that
> part to a memory stream and/or file.     

and save them with UTF-8 BOM to file. 

> A (simple) sample which addresses multipart messages would be fine ;)

Most of your questions are answered in OverbyteIcsMimeDemo.

Arno Garrels

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