What I basically need is to extract a text part from each mail, regardless how many contents it may have.

The "text part" is not well defined. You may have an HTML message which is not trivial to convert to a text file. Rendered on screen by a HTML rendere, it may looks like plain text but actually it isn't. You may also have an RTF formatted message. Or a plain text part and a HTML part with eauivalent content. You have to handle all the situation by detecting what format it is. You are helped by the various headers.

Are you writing an email client, that is a program whose goal is to display messages on screen ? Then you need ICS-POP3 component to retieve the messages, ICS MIME component to extract the parts and as many renderer component as you want to support messages types.

Are you writing some sort of automation which uses email as transport and use the data within email for data processing and not to display it on screen as an email ? That's a different thing.

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