I know and have already looked into the code, and even tryed to understand it :)
But as you've mentioned it's not trivial to grab parsing code out of the 
component because of lots custom routines used.
And I'm talking of slightly another thing: a standard and native ICS interface 
for parsing. For instance:

ftp.Feat() // get feats, determine whether server supports MLST, or MDTM, or 
anything related
ftp.GetListing(RemoteDir) -> ftp.List(RemoteDir) -> get listing into 
ListingStream -> convert it to ListingStringList -> invoke OnFtpListingParse

not very hard as I see it, but make it easy for others to implement parsing 

But of course, merging Magenta's parsing into ICS would be much more helpful 
and useful.

>Full FTP parsing is implemented in TMagFtp, which is a high level version
>of TFtpClient, you can use the entire unit or borrow
>TMagFtp.UnpackFtpFDir (which has a lot of dependencies).  

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